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Become a SowGrow Marketing Council Member
  • Become a Member

    Every year
    Join the SowGrow Marketing Council!
    • Be a Featured Expert who shares tips at SGMC meetings
    • Exclusive seat in closed group of executive marketers
    • Be a Featured Expert on the SGMC website
    • Be a Featured Contributor to the SGMC Forum
    • Promotional exposure of your expertise via videos & podcast
    • Online profile and member login to SowGrow Marketing Council
    • Access to Speaking Opportunity Database
    • Access to Member Directory
    • Access to video library and video downloads
    • Ability to comment on forum posts

Membership is limited to qualified marketing experts who are approved by review process. If you do not qualify, membership fees will be refuned in full. Annual plans are otherwise nonrefundable and non-transferrable.

Join the SowGrow Marketing Council community! 

Executive-level marketers who are currently employed and have at least ten years of marketing experience are invited to become a member of the SowGrow Marketing Council. Apply below. 

There are a limited number of seats per group representing multiple marketing disciplines, including: 

SEO, Public Relations, Video Marketing, Graphic Design, Paid Media, Event Planning, Market Research, Sales / Lead Gen Marketing, Strategy Crisis Communication, Email Marketing, CMO, Speaking, Content Marketing, Social Media Analytics and Marketing Technology

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