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Renewvia Energy, an Atlanta-based global solar developer, was gearing up to enter a new growth stage and wanted to increase the company’s presence in local, national, and international markets. Most of the company’s business was derived from networking and referrals, but they wanted to do more to attract new clients. The company also had virtually no web presence other than a website. 


Both in the U.S. and abroad, solar power is familiar, but still somewhat uncommon. Nearly everyone has some concept of solar power, but only a small (but growing) percentage of businesses use solar power. So how do you get U.S. business owners and communities in rural areas around the globe excited about a technology that has been around for decades, but is still not mainstream?


To reach U.S. companies, our strategy was to help potential business owners envision how their company could use solar by seeing how companies in their industry were savings thousands of dollars per year with solar. In addition to obtaining coverage in energy publications, we helped Renewvia be one of the only solar voices in key trade industry media outlets in specific verticals. To gain exposure in these industry specific trade media outlets, we developed case studies of Renewvia clients using solar in the industries Renewvia wanted to target, including automotive, healthcare, education and manufacturing. The resulting media coverage not only helped Renewvia gain exposure in key target markets, but it also gave the Renewvia team industry specific case studies to share with prospects during the sales process. 


To help Renewvia reach the international audience, we knew we had to start a bigger conversation than just talk about the benefits of solar in rural communities. So we took the approach to position Renewvia as the boots-on-the-ground expert on big-picture solar trends in Africa, including shifts in the type of solar technology that is being accepted by rural communities, changes in developing regulations, mood swings of energy investors, and the evolving social climate of communities installing solar.


As a result of SowGrow PR’s efforts, Renewvia has been featured by the media more than 35 times in 28 months. Below are a few highlights.


  • Renewvia has been featured in numerous industry specific trade publications, including World Fishing & Aquaculture, Medical Group Management Association Connections Magazine, National Association of Independent Schools Inspiration Lab Blog, and Automotive News.


  • Renewvia has been featured by all of the major energy trade media outlets, including Solar Industry, Global Solar & Alternative Energies, PV Magazine, Solar Thermal Magazine, PennEnergy, Photon News, Solar Power World, Microgrid Knowledge, and EQ International, among others.

  • Renewvia has also been featured by business media outlets, including New Hampshire Business Review, Future of Everything, and various local media outlets.

  • Media coverage in African and international business media outlets include publications such as Alternative Energy Africa, AfroTrade, IJ Global, and Global Business. 


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