Are you an expert marketer? Apply to be a SowGrow Marketing Featured Expert.

The SowGrow Marketing Council selects a limited number of members to serve in the role of Featured Expert for a year. In addition to all of the member benefits above,  Featured Experts: 


  • Have priority in sharing  4-minute educational tips at SowGrow Marketing Council Meetings. 

  • Contribute to the SowGrow Marketing Forum

  • Serve as a Featured Expert for a year. 

To maintain status as a Featured Expert, Featured Experts must: 


  • Be a current member of the SowGrow Marketing Council. 

  • Post a tip on the forum each month within one week of the Marketing Council Meeting. If a Featured Expert does not post for two month within a six-month period, another member may assume their role. 

  • Featured Experts must not miss more than two meetings within a six-month period to maintain status as a Featured Expert. 


Feature Expert status may be revoked at the discretion of SowGrow Marketing Council.


If you would like to be a Featured Expert, apply below. 

Apply to be a Featured Expert

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