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Growing Marketers

The SowGrow Marketing Council is all about Growing Marketers℠. 

The SowGrow Marketing Council is a membership organization of growing marketers who want to stay ahead of developments in multiple areas of marketing. The purpose of the organization is to: 


1)   Keep marketers ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest strategies and tools in multiple areas of marketing. 


2)   Provide networking and business development opportunities for marketers. 


Being a member is a great way to stay on top of what is happening in various areas of marketing without having to research each area yourself. 

We hold monthly virtual meetings to share tips and network.


Executive-level  marketers who are currently employed and have at least five years of marketing experience are invited to become a member of the SowGrow Marketing Council. Membership benefits include


  • Online profile and member login to SowGrow Marketing Council website

  • Monthly ticket to SowGrow Marketing Council meeting 

  • Access to Speaking Opportunity Database 

  • Access to Member Directory 

  • Access to video library and video downloads

  • Ability to comment on forum posts 

  • Priority over non-member guests in sharing  4-minute educational tips at SowGrow Marketing Council Meetings

Join us for the next SowGrow Marketing Council virtual meeting! 

The SowGrow Marketing Council meeting is an interactive, participatory event where YOU share your expertise and learn from other marketers.

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If you would like to present a four-minute, non-promotional marketing tip, submit it here.